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Ameema SaeedTeam Thoughtfull
Customer Experience, Thoughtfull
Asked a question 3 years ago

What are some of the most unexpected occasions you use to give gifts?

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If I come across something that I know someone would like, it’s always nice to give a gift ”just because!” I like this because it’s not done out of obligation (like you weren't scrambling to find something just because it’s their birthday etc) but instead a gift that shows you’re thinking about that person all year long.

I love celebrating big milestones for friends and family. 

If someone gets a new job, passes a big exam or makes a big decision they've been sitting on for awhile. Of course, the gift is always contextual to the occasion, but celebrating these small moments is always appreciated.

When a friend or loved one is having a hard time, I love sending little gifts to add a bit of cheer to their life. Life can be hard, a little token to show love and appreciation can mean a lot.